What is Kenso…?

Hi all, A lot of people are reading my Web Development blog or following me on twitter have been asking me, what is Kenso? What does that word mean? Well, I’ll tell you what it isn’t, It’s not my last name Kenso is a word in Japanese meaning “economical and simple”. In case you don’t believe me, here’s a screenshot from a dictionary online. That’s it

Interview Questions (flex) – What do you say?

Hi all, as you know, I work as a full time freelancer in RIA and web development. Once in a while like every service provider I have to meet with new clients to maybe start working with them on new projects, or work with the company as a consultant. Usually when I go to this kind of a meeting, my portfolio speaks for itself and we get down to business in no time.

Add new website IIS 7 (Vista)

Hello all, For all of us programmers or web developers working with websites, you know the need to open more then one website (by default) on your development machine. Sometime you need all a website to stand on its own and not be a sub directory or a virtual directory (like: http://localhost/your_webiste). Why, well let’s say your using URL rewriting, then you need to use parent path’s like so: 1: <img src="

Solo standalone mp3 player to embed in a page

Client’s request: I want an mp3 player on my website (html), a kind of player which the user can’t pause or stop the song, also I want it to work in all browsers with no problem. After explaining to him this is not very common and urged him to think it over, he insisted and I had to do what he asked me to. Because of the cross-browser need, I had to use Flash/Flex for this job, but I also wanted to make this as reusable as possible for other project or for distribution as a component which I think a lot will want to use.

Control caching of your RIA applications

For all of us working with RIA applications (Flex/Flash) we know the hell of having to worry about a user cache. There’s actually a chance that a user won’t see the latest version of your application, the chances are actually quite high for that to happen. Well, I have my own two methods that I use to control this. Method #1 The first way to control this is by the use of a parameter attached to the file name.

Free flex uploader is coming along pretty great

Hello All, I’m developing an Uploader component, for free use in your website or blog. I’m using Adobe flex builder 3 for it, so the final result will be an swf you can simply embed in your real life website. Well, this is not a release note, just an update. I have completely changed the way you will configure the uploader. It used to be a couple fo JavaScript predefined function you should have used.

Strange flex bug – caching screens

Hello All, Thanks again for visiting my blog, “From inspiration to realization”. The blog covers lots of information about Web Development: Ruby on Rails, Java, Flex and etc. The past week has been very frustrating for me. As you know (or not) I work quite a bit with flex development and AIR. The environment for developing these applications is Adobe Flex Builder 3, I never had any problems with this piece of software, but this last week has been just horrible.

Flex "Verbal Month" date

Hi All, If you are working with Adobe flex, you probably know that the framework does not have a function such as DateTime.Now().ToString(). Because of that, displaying a friendly date to the user is impossible unless you write a small extension to the getDate() function in flex. This is the way to go 1: var todayDate:String = ""; 2: 3: private function INIT():void{ 4: getCurrentDate(); 5: } 6: 7: private var monthLabels:Array = new Array("