Posted on Aug 14, 2018

My Core

From inspiration to realization. From thinking of a feature, through every step of it’s development, through the deployment, the infrastructure, the monitoring, the performance tweaking, the support of users, the back and forth with product, with marketing. I just love every aspect of it. I am a software craftsman and a maker, I just love making things.


I am the director of Infrastructure (DevOps) and Platform at Hippo Insurance.

I have been doing Devops since before it had a name and scaled both B2B and B2C platforms across clouds with different stacks.

Open Source

I am a true believer of open source, I open source everything I can. I believe open source is the biggest driver of innovation in our space.

You can check out my projects on Github.

More about me

I live just outside of Austin Texas

Father of 4 beautiful kids