Onboarding New Engineers My Recipe

Onboarding new people to the team is a challenge. Making sure they have a good experience and are set up for success can be quite a hurdle. If you think about it for a second, being a new engineer on a team (any team), is such a challenge. There are so many things to need to learn, systems to read about, culture to fit into, intimidating right? Over the years, I found a way to deal with this that works for me (and my teams).

Analyzing Your Aws Api Calls for Fun and Profit (And Security)

AWS has a very powerful API. With time, as the organization grows, you query that API quite a bit. At [Globality])(https://www.globality.com), we query that API from multiple sources: Cluster management Monitoring UI Terraform Enterprise Deployment pipeline We also have very strict security requirements. Working with enterprise customers, we are required to analyze and provide reporting for everything that happens on our AWS accounts. To begin with, not a lot of people have access to that account, for production, that number is even smaller.

Our flexible cluster solution - How we run micro-services efficiently

At Globality, we’ve been running Docker in production for the past ~3 years. Over the years, we made many changes to our cluster management, making it better, more flexible, cost-effective, and scalable. In this post, I describe our solution and dive into the technical details, the challenges, etc. What is cluster management Kubernetes/ECS/Mesosphere are cluster managers. They allow you to run any number of tasks on top of machines that act as a cluster.

1:1 Question: What Is Your Stress Level since we last met?

One of the most effective tools in your toolbox as a manager is the 1:1 meeting. I have 1:1 with every member of my staff on a weekly basis. It’s a great opportunity to get feedback, provide context and just connect on a different level than the standup or pair programming sessions. In my first 1:1 with a new staff member, I emphasize that the 1:1 is their time, not mine.

On Culture

I see a lot of people talking about “culture fit”. I wanted to spend some time telling you what it means to me. First, let’s establish the baseline. I am an engineering manager at Globality. I have 16+ years of experience in this industry and I worked for and with startups and big companies like HP, Intel, SAP and others. I saw a lot of teams and a lot of “cultures”.

Using Bots to Solve Developer Drudgery

Scaling an engineering organization has a lot of moving parts. One of the parts we discuss rarely is reducing friction and reducing time spent on menial tasks to the absolute minimum. Figuring out “What is hard?” and “Should it be this hard or time-consuming?” is critical to the success of your organization. In this post, I’ll discuss flows we automated with bots. Pull request review We have an internal library that many our backend services share.

Breaking the Terraform Monolith - Silos of Infrastructure

At Globality we have about 120K lines of Terraform configuration that we use to manage our infrastructure. We manage everything we can this way. AWS, GitHub, CI, and more. We’re heavy users; we even go so far as to working with our patched version of Terraform while the official plugins catch up with us. For example, we recently moved a number of our AI classifiers to SageMaker, but the AWS provider didn’t support all of the configuration options we needed.

Updating Files With the Githup Api - Python

One of the features we have at Globality is to update build/setting files on all of our projects using the Github API. We use that when we generate a new build configuration or a new test configuration. Our build configuration consists of multiple file and directories. Usually in the convention of build.{{ project_name }} and docker/shell files under it + some files in the root of the project like entrypoint.

Bike Commuting in the Bay Area and beyond - Tips/Tricks and More

Bike commuting is great for many reasons, you stay healthy and fit, you get to enjoy time outside and you don’t waste your life away inside a car in traffic. I’ve been commuting with a bike in the Bay Area for three years now (all weather) and I collected a bunch of tips/tricks and beyond that might help you with your journey towards it. First, I would like to say, biking to work ***is possible, and it is a viable option.

Installing Python 3.7 on OSX

Getting python 3.7 installed on OSX might seem simple, but a quick Google search will show you that it’s anything but. If you don’t follow the steps, you will encounter multiple issues with the way the system is wired. I thought I am going to write a short tutorial type post on how to get it done. First, we will install pyenv brew install pyenv Once we have pyenv install, we can try to install python 3.