RSpec speed-up (24.6%) by tweaking ruby garbage collection –

We have been tweaking the GC for the Gogobot website, the affects it has are simply mind blowing. Since I am clearly not happy with the test suite time that we currently have, This seems like a nice solution and I am definitely gonna try it. RSpec speed-up (24.6%) by tweaking ruby garbage collection –

Where are my engines?

Right now, I am working on an engine for the Gogobot application. As part of my work on the engine, I am working with the Mongoid gem and the Fabrication gem, both great gems b.t.w. The problem with Fabrication is that it wasn’t really adapted to working with Engines and it was relying a lot on Rails.root for where to locate the fabricator files. Since in an engine, the application is located in spec/dummy I needed a better way locate the fabricators.

perform_later 1.3 has been released

Earlier today, I release version 1.3 of perform_later. The release includes: Support for a custom finder class from the args_to_resque method (more details in the README Bug fixes for the args that are being passed around As always, issues and pull requests are welcome. Enjoy!

Working with Resque? perform_later is at 1.0, you should use it

Last night, I released the 1.0 version of perform_later.Now or later? The gem is being used in production for over 6 months now, in a big-scale website (Gogobot), so I thought it’s time to put in some extra needed work, some major refactoring and to release 1.0. What’s new? 1.0 is basically the same in the core functionality, I refactored big bits of the codebase, it’s much cleaner and more readable then before (still need to work quite a bit on code documentation) Added the later method support for ActiveRecord models.

Front loaded estimation is selling your stakeholder a lie – The Hashrocket Blog

I am singing this song for something like 3 years now. Estimations, fixed price projects and estimation ahead are all a scam. You lose, the client loses, not a good situation. A nice writeup on the Hashrocket blog. Front loaded estimation is selling your stakeholder a lie – The Hashrocket Blog.

Corey Haines – Fast Rails Tests

This is a must watch if you are doing Rails and doing TDD, it’s an eye opener on how you should really approach testing Rails apps the “Right” way.

undefined method `relation’ for nil:NilClass on Heroku

I host almost 100% of my open source projects on Heroku, it’s amazing how easy it is to setup and how “out-of-your-way” they are. Today, while working on one of my open source project I encountered this error: View the code on Gist. It was right after I deployed and migrated the database. After about 5 minutes of head scratching I came across an answer on stackoverflow saying you have to restart your app after a migration for it to pick up on schema changes.

The simplest Enum you will ever find for your ActiveRecord models

I have been using a really useful snippet for a while now. While dropping it today into a project I realized just how powerful it is: it’s a drop-in and will work on any project it’s database agnostic it’s dead simple it’s not sensitive to enum changes and more and more Just as an into, an enum is a way to have string represented as integers in your database.

Showing the git commit SHA that is currently deployed

I cannot count how many times I (or others) have asked the following question: What is the difference between master and the production version? We deploy about 3-5 times a day and we merge code about twice as much into master (some days, even more then that). We deploy to servers with Capistrano, Capistrano has a very useful feature to write a REVISION file to the root of the project, this file contains a single line with the commit sha.

10 Things You Didn’t Know Rails Could do

James Eduard Grey published a presentation of a talk he did in RailsConf. It is pure gold, so many tips and tricks, I promise you, some of these will be new even to the most experienced of Rails developers. 10 Things You Didn’t Know Rails Could do // Speaker Deck.