This is the beginning…

Hey all,

This post is the beginning of a series of posts.

What are the posts about?

Well, I just started a consulting session at a major financial start-up company.

This consulting session as many of my sessions are long, they include a variety of technologies, server, client and scalability issues.

As a consultant in all projects but specific in this one, I do a lot of research. I write documents and applications that prove my points and just air tight my meetings with the company team with decisions regarding their needs.

Get to the Point 2

I never work with something I have used already from another session because then you are tempted to fit a solution that is not necessarily tailor made on your client. I hate doing that. The customer is paying for more then that and I should supply the materials that are right for him.

So, you are probably wondering how can I write about it.. Well, it’s because I signed an NDA right and since I will not mention the company name at any point, I will not be uncovering any details that might compromise data from the company nor the code.

So what will I be doing?

I will share all of the applications that I build to prove my point, such as socket connection between flex 3 and a windows service, AMF using and more.

Also, I will be testing solutions such as BlazeDS or LCDS which are the interest to many of you who are building serious enterprise application.

The user base

This is a real treat. The application is meant to support up to 20,000 concurrent connections and concurrent users, so scale is a really big issue here, this will be a big part in my research and the solution I will deliver.

The technology

.Net (2, 3.5)

SQL server (2005, 2008)

Flex 3 (AS3)

Html, Javascript

3rd party applications and solutions like or other solutions

A maybe

FMS (Flash Media Server)

The post will be long with many examples, links and many more.

Feel free to comment with questions or email me at avi AT kensodev DOT com and I will try to include all of the questions in the posts

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