Empty dialogs in flex builder 3 + Flash builder 4

This week I needed to work with My PC on a flex project. I usually stay away of the PC with flex projects, I’m used to working on the mac with these project, but I needed to work on the PC.

While trying to configure the project in flex builder 3 (and with 4 as well), I stumbled upon a weird bug that made me scratch my head for a while.  The bug was that all of the dialogs appeared empty, no configuration, almost no buttons.

Here’s a screenshot of the problem:

Now, I remembered a teammate I had a while back that had the same problem and it appeared to be a WACOM with a windows 7 driver that caused the problem, so I started disabling devices one after the other.

The problem was a logitech mouse software I have installed on the pc. Once I quited this application everything went back to normal.

Here’s the icon on the taskbar (not hard to trace).

Hope this post helps you and you won’t scratch your had for hours like I did.

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