Link Bag September 05 2010

Yet another post that will gather links and useful information of intersting stuff, that will probably be useful to my readers.


Launching beta, or “How to decide when and where to cut corners – A great post from with a reference to Nate Kohari’s post on the same subject. A very good read if you are planning in launching a product anytime soon.


10 Requirements for Working with Clients in Other Countries – I work with clients in other countries all of the time, mostly in the US and Japan. Therefore, I think this post will be very useful if you are in the same situation. I got something out of it, and so will you.

Craftsmanship in Designing Websites – I am into software craftsmanship, until I read this post I didn’t know there’s a movement towards craftsmanship in design as well. Good read.


CSS: Stretch a Box to its Parent’s Bounds – A post by my good friend, @elado, a great css technique.


I am (as you already know) a huge fan of Git. I know Git is a big source of misuse and misunderstanding. I have read a couple of great posts about it recently on how to use GitK tool.

use-gitk-to-understand-git.aspx – The first post in the series.

Use gitk to understand git – merge and rebase – Great stuff, great screenshots (even through it comes from a windows machine :-))

That’s all for now. Hope you’ll find my post useful.

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