Link bag 15 August 2010

After declaring the opening of the category – Link Bag, the first post is fresh and hot out of the oven.


CSS sprites workflow – Chris Coyier posted a very useful tip about the workflow of creating a website when you plan to use sprite css, he suggests a two-step process.


Are You Giving Back to Your Community? – FreelanceSwitch with another great post. I actually posted on a very similar subject here “should all developer be (active) members in the virtual community.”

The real secret to freelance success – this post talks about why freelances (some) fail and some experience great success.

9 productivity techniques for freelancers Р as a freelancer I always look for ways to be more productive, I found this post very useful for me.

Ruby on rails

Mongomatic – (from the website) Mongomatic is a Ruby library that lets you easily model your MongoDB documents in your applications.

That’s it (short) for the first link bag, another one is coming in about a week, be sure to keep yourself up to date though the RSS feed (link on the right).

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